“You’re High” Sizwe Dhlomo Argues Emtee Is The Best Feature On Stogie T’s ‘By Any Means’


Sizwe Dhlomo is one of the most controversial critics when it comes to SA, as he is known for calling it like it is and once again his opinion has made way for a rather hectic debate.

This all began when the Kaya FM host responded to a tweet by Stogie T claiming that he “brings the volume”. A tweep then commented on the Sizwe’s tweet claiming that Yanga Chief whom is also featured on Stogie’s ‘By any means’ is the one who “Ate the song”.

A passionate Dhlomo then defended Emtee in claiming that Yanga only brought a small amount of impact compared to the genius that the Logan rapper blessed us with on the song. We all know how Sizwe gets when he is passionate about something on twitter, so we hope this debate doesn’t get hectic.

“Dude, Yanga’s verse is not even second best there. It’s Emtee, then Tumi. I repeat, you’re high” Sizwe wrote.

“You’re high! eMtee did” he wrote.

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