Waswa Moloi Music – Payslip Album 2020


Waswa Moloi Music – Payslip Album 2020 songs

Waswa Moloi Music – Payslip Album 2020 songs have finally dropped. The duo Killer De Commander and DJ Desmenzo release their album titled Payslip. This album is fully packed with 12 amazing killer tunes with different flavors. It has some of the industry heavyweights such as Biodizzy, Prince J. Malizo, and Lekkersweet just to mention a few.


  1. Waswa Moloi Music – Ano Jola Feat Le-Mo
  2. Waswa Moloi – PaySlip
  3. Waswa Moloi – Kemo Thuse Bjane Ft Prince J.Malizo & Biodizzy
  4. Waswa Moloi – I’m Taken
  5. Waswa Moloi – Diya Makatja
  6. Waswa Moloi – Mjolo Feat. Prince J.Malizo
  7. Waswa Moloi – Regaogele Feat Candy Lady & Moruti Pula
  8. Waswa Moloi – Nne O Mmeile Kae Feat Porshy Gal
  9. Waswa Moloi – Khera Feat Lekkersweet
  10. Waswa Moloi – Nkase Boye

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