Tribute To Kobe Bryant : Jessica Mbangeni Visits America To perform


Jessica Mbangeni Visits America To perform A Tribute To Kobe Bryant – Kobe Bryant, was a worldwide loved basketball player and South African praise poet and musician Jessica Mbangeni has travelled to New York to perform a tribute to the NBA star, who was killed in a helicopter crash last month.

Jessica got tongues wagging this week when she posted a picture of herself paying tribute on Facebook, with the caption:

“Kobe Bryant. Memory is our heritage. You will forever be remembered. You were a giant of the world. Our encounter has been an encounter with the giant. Long Live Kobe Bryant.”

Her tribute arrives less than a month of controversy after the star stole the show at businessman Richard Maponya’s funeral for her priesthood regalia. Many questioned her authenticity, when she had become a priest and who had given her authority to participate in procedures reserved for clergy. She later said she was to be a bishop-elect.

Jessica’s manager, King Lloyd, the declared she was invited to pay tribute to Kobe ahead of a game in New York. She was on her way to Jamaica for a Bob Marley celebration event.

He dismissed claims that Jessica was looking for attention with her Kobe tribute and said it was time Mzansi appreciated her talent.

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