The whisper of the wind by Moses Ramahuma Lyrics

To the one I never had
In amiss I stand and stare
The wind blowing through our lives,
In it I see us

Toiled and turned by it…,
We seem to have lost ourselves in it,
Yet we float in the winds dance.
The desire to gain control;
our disaster in the attempt.
Through the dusty sands of the panes
We are cast and left in despair.

Into the gloomy eyes of the Observer,
Tear drops and grieve is seen
The wind still blows, yet we are not blown away…
But instead, the affection is elevated to greater heights
Greater heights are what bring us fear…
Fear of the unknown… yet we found in elevations.
Shall we then say, “Our fear is greater than Love”
Yet it is said love conquers all.

We still find ourselves longing to touch common ground,
The base that defines us…
In silence, passion reveals itself,
Our inadequate being hinders us to grasp,
Grasp the meaning of our existence,
Yet the wind still blow
Blowing with the whispers from our hearts,
Maybe the confusion is too loud, we don’t hear…
Or the wind is too fast we don’t see each other any more…
I can only sense your presence in pain
Pain and a longing to hold onto you,
Comfortably without fear…Lost into and you in to me..
The wind still blows…
We are the reason the wind is blowing.

 Written By Moses Ramahuma

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