Rouge Speaks On How Artists Are Suffering Without COVID-19 Financial Aid



Rouge Speaks On How Artists Are Suffering Without COVID-19 Financial Aid. Since the trauma that was the Coronavirus happened to the world, things have been pretty rough especially for entertainers. For entertainers, musicians especially, doing tours and gigs was a big part of their income but has since been cut off.

In the first national lockdown, relief funds for the entertainment industry were given to artists to ease the sudden blow that the COVID-19 pandemic had on their income. Now that we are in the second wave of lockdown, times are looking even more bleak for local artists.

Popular hitmaker Rouge, shared her grievances of how the artists have just been forsaken. The rapper shared her concern for all the artists who don’t have any other source of income from brand partnerships or businesses other than their music career because they are obviously affected the most.

“So there’s no help for Artists during this time? God be with the artists who don’t have brand deals, or just businesses outside of music. I’m praying for y’all” Rouge wrote.

In a follow up tweet, Rouge expressed her disappointment in the entertainment sector for not looking after their own, as she is now at the point of providing for her team from her own pocket.

“Im literally trying to look after my team out of pocket” Rouge said.

In 2020, it was announced in the state of nation address that R150 million would be allocated to aiding the artists who were at a serious disadvantage, however this time the creative and sports sectors didn’t come through for their people.

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