“No one raps like you,” Stogie T to Khuli Chana



“No one raps like you,” Stogie T to Khuli Chana. If there’s one thing we have all learnt from Stogie T is how he gives credit and praise where it’s due. For someone who has served as long as he had in the music one would expect a different persona.

The PTSD rapper took to Twitter to commend rapper Khuli Chana on his rapping skills. He proclaimed that no one raps like he does commenting on the latest video he dropped featuring DJ Lamiez.

“Nobody raps like you. That choppy flow, this is a very heartfelt joint. Top notch,” wrote Stogie T.

To motivate and show appreciation to more artists Stogie gave praise to musician Pompi.

“I love you my brother. “Stand on a promise, through all the carnage, you better know that, joy comes in the morning” to be able to do devotion with my kids to your music is life giving. 👊🏾❤️”


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