Kwesta Speaks On Becoming a New Dad Again And His Return To Doing Club Performances

2020 started off on a sour note because of the trauma that was the Coronavirus which has left people still picking up the pieces with regard to the effects that the pandemic hand in terms of finances, however Kwesta can name a few up’s that happened in-between the downers.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Kwesta opened up about being a new dad to their newest edition to the family, baby Kenya Elihle Vilakazi. The second time dad reflected on how his first born daughter Khai was a surprise however, he and his wife Yolanda chose to go with the flow.

“It’s always such a blessing. Eight years ago we had our first born, Khai, and like a lot of things it was not like a really planned thing … I wasn’t like, ‘Yo, baby, let’s have a baby, the arrival was just a surprise, like yo, I’m here … we just kept going as it plays out” he said.

The rapper also opened up about how he thought the second pregnancy would be easier because they’ve done well with their first born however, he was definitely in for a surprise. Kwesta is excited for the role of being a dad and he is even more happy because his baby girl looks like him and his mother.

“She looks like me and my mother. Her mother was so upset because she thought that this time the second born would look just like her, but when she came out she realised how strong my genes are.” he said.

Previously Kwesta had mentioned that he was done with doing club performances because they would never live up to the standards that he would like to deliver with his fans, but because of the COVID-19 he has recently changed his decision because clubs have become more attentive now.

He also touched on what an honour it was for him to be a part of the Old Mutual sponsored AMPD Masterclass and spreading the knowledge of what he learned to 10 aspiring musicians.

“It was just really me sharing knowledge of my experience of being in the industry. When I first started a lot of things were not clarified, so I just wanted to help the aspiring artists on what I learnt since being in the music industry.”

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