“I Don’t Like That Guy Man” Cassper Nyovest Breaks Down The Vibe Between Him & AKA



“I Don’t Like That Guy Man” Cassper Nyovest Breaks Down The Vibe Between Him & AKA. Compared to the like of Batman and The Joker, Cassper and AKA have been on each others necks since as far back as we can remember, and after all these years things have managed to escalate in leaps by bounds.

In an interview with Texx And The City, Mufasa spoke on what the current vibe is between him and The Megacy and Cassper let it be known that he doesn’t like him or anybody of a similar nature.

Speaking on his upbringing, Cassper mentioned that he was raised with humility and to respect people however, AKA has a sense of entitlement and has never been called out on it by his industry friends because they all fear him.

“You’ll never see anyone in the industry confront him because they’re scared and I think I’m the only one who can tell him you know what, you’re not who you think you are, you’re a small boy” Cassper said.

Cassper explained the they have tried to bury the hatched quite a couple of times in the past however, AKA would be back to his “stupid” antics insisting that he might be “Bipolar” and made it clear that there is no coming back from AKA swearing at his parents.

The boxing match has been scheduled for 2021 due to the COVID but contracts are in the works and apparently AKA is not ready for what he’s about to served and it’s all in the name of respect.

By Sinakho Mandla

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