Emtee Claims That Critics Can’t Wait To See The Day He Dies


Emtee Claims That Critics Can’t Wait To See The Day He Dies. no matter how many time Emtee may try to do right by hid fans, he will always be viewed in a negative light.

After the rapper answered a question from a tweep who asked what business one would start if they were given one thousand Rand to start a business, Emtee replied saying that he would open a loan shark business.

A troll decided to go against the rapper saying judging on the rapers alleged replies, he has his wires crossed because he isn’t making the best of business decisions.

“It Was Weed Business Now It’s Loan Shark, Incondo Yakho Iphambhene Straight” the tweep said.

Emtee replied saying that clearly critics just want to see him fail because everything he posts weather negative or positive people are just out to get him.

Mxm y’all just can’t wait to see the day die huh? Everything I post negative/positive. sometimes I be chillin minding mines. Not bothering nobody n this is how y’all wanna play with me. Never said anything about a weed business. I know y’all hate me but u lying” Emtee replied.

Can the guy get a break though shame!!!

By Sinakho Mandla

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