“Egyptian Cotton is not just a song,” Cassper Explains

The post “Egyptian Cotton is not just a song,” Cassper Explains appeared first on SA Hip Hop Mag.

“Egyptian Cotton is not just a song,” Cassper Explains. In the newly released succeeding album Any Minute Now  by Cassper Nyovest, there’s a single titled Egyptian Cotton featuring American legendary singer Anthony Hamilton. Mufasa recently declared that it’s the most special track to him.

Speaking on the impact of the track Cassper couldn’t help but pride himself for scooping Anthony Hamilton for his mesmerizing vocals. When he was days away from dropping AMN the Move For Me artist told fans that they mustn’t rush listening to the album but should instead take their time so to pose fair judgment. Egyptian Cotton is one those single which Cass emphasized as the one needing proper attention and time to better grasp.

“Guys, Egyptian Cotton is not just a song. I don’t know what it is but you can’t just call it a song. I need a word for it. Like, have you really sat down and listened to the record ? It’s very very special. Wow!!!! Kea repa ha ke batla witsi!!! Those Anthony Hamilton vocals!!!!” He wrote.

Speaking on how the collaboration came about, Cassoer called it organic and that it was made possible via WhatsApp.

“For real. It was all through WhatsApp. There was no email. There was no manager. I’ve worked with a lot of big guys, man, and even guys in South Africa. And it’s a long, long, long convo. Anthony Hamilton, we met sometime at the Global Citizen concert and I took his number. And I hit him up two years later like, “Yo what’s up man? I’m trying to do this record.” He was like, “Yeah, send it through, send the record on WhatsApp.” That evening, send the vocals back. And we started talking about more vocals, and then the song was done. And then there was no back and forth of the Hollywood. So I have so much respect for him. Very organic.”

The post “Egyptian Cotton is not just a song,” Cassper Explains appeared first on SA Hip Hop Mag.

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