Dafro – 34k Appreciation Mix


Dafro – 34k Appreciation mixtape is officially featured on Afros Africa February music playlist. Find a list of all the songs included on the mixtape below. Moreover, the mixtape featured songs that will resonate with many music lovers and compilers.

This afro house mixtape presents some quality sound from the hands and creativity of Dafro. Surely the year 2020 is filled with unlimited collection of free great music to download. Therefore, sit back and enjoy the best music sound from South Africa.


  1. Dafro – Venom and Tekno (Rey Venenoso Dub)
  2. Manyelo Dafro – Ladon (feat. Bessekou Kouyate)
  3. Manyelo Dafro – Density
  4. Manyelo Dafro – Masokola
  5. Manyelo Dafro – Senake
  6. Ophir Project – Saphir
  7. Kamala – Bani (Original Mix)
  8. Dafro – Terminal (Afro Venom)
  9. Steve Wonder – For your Love (Dafro’s Unofficial Reprise )
  10. Dafro – Antah (Rey Venenoso Dub)
  11. Dafro – Nearer my God (Personal Mix)



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