Congrats! Brenden Ledwaba & Mpoomy Expecting Baby No 2


Congrats! Brenden Ledwaba & Mpoomy Expecting Baby No 2 – Mpoomy and Brenden Ledwaba have publicised that they’re expecting another bundle of joy.

Brenden Praise Ledwaba, a soulful young man, born on February 5, 1994, grew up in the small town of Graskop, Mpumalanga Province.

Growing up in a very musical family, Brenden started singing at 6 years old, and he started playing the piano at age 12. If you ask, Brenden, he would say, “Music has been a part of me ever since I could talk!” First, his dad taught him a few notes on the piano.

Then playing the piano became natural. Later, it was clear Brenden had the skill for playing additional musical instruments. Brenden also taught himself to play the bass guitar and drums. He trained his ear to hear the sounds of music and his heart to feel the rhythm.

They both respectively ushered to Instagram to posts, the Ledwabas announced that baby number two is on the way and they can’t wait to welcome him/her into their lives.

The couple is already parents to one-year-old daughter, Nuri Ledwaba and her development is widely documented on social media by her famous parents, especially Mpoomy.

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