Castle Lite Unlocks Puts Moozlie & Nasty C Live With Sway


Castle Lite Unlocks Puts Moozlie & Nasty C Live With Sway. Last year we were lucky enough to see Castle Lite Unlocks continuing on its culture of bringing together different rappers in one stage.

Sway was one of the guests who hosted the Cypher which left every fan fascinated.

The legendary radio host Sway has built a connection with a number of local rappers, some who have travelled to visit his show Sway In The Morning. Rappers who have gone to the show include Kwesta, Cassper, AKA and Stogie T. They all left a large number of people impressed.

A-Reece was summoned to the show a number of times but didn’t make it. It was around the time he disappeared from the spotlight. There was never any official explanation on the reasons of his cancellation. Lucky enough there are plenty of rappers to go around.

Moozlie and Nasty C have been announced ad the latest rappers to be on a conversation with the host. As one would anticipate they promised to drop a few via IG Live streaming.

Nasty C will be talking to the presenter for the second time and from his last visit Sway paid him a good compliment on his skills.

“Nasty C to me represents the new generation of sound where is more of a fusion, but then he pays homage to where he’s from at the same time and I think that’s great,” said Sway last year on his SA visit.

He added later: “Nasty C to me is special. Get behind that kid. He’s the one that can really cross all geographical boundaries. He’s the one who can initially blow up big in the States.”

Now Moozlie is about to take over!


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