Cassper Weighs In On Nota’s Comments On Zoocci’s Appearance


Cassper Weighs In On Nota’s Comments On Zoocci’s Appearance! On Tuesday we reported on Zoocci and Nota‘s social media nasty exchange that ended shook SA Hip Hop fans.

This comes after Zoocci deiced to warn Nota to not mention his name on his TV rants. In response, Nota told Zoocci to wipe off the “yogurt” on his mouth before he engages him referring to the producer/rapper’s vitiligo condition around his mouth.

After we reported on the exchange, Hip Hop fans didn’t seem impressed with Nota’s remarks calling them “too low” and disrespectful. One of the people who took to twitter to express how they felt about Nota’s statement was Cassper.

Cassper responded to our post suggesting that it’s people who often praise Nota that created “the monster” he has become questioning how he could stoop so low. The Amademoni rapper called Nota disrespectful, delusional, disgusting and not okay upstairs’.

“Y’all created this monster. Disrespectful, delusional and disgusting. Y’all we tweeting “NOTA appreciation tweet” cause he throwing shade on the ones yall hated in private. Look now. Sa hip hop. Your leaders. How can one stoop this low ? This man is not okay upstairs, trust me,” Cassper tweeted.

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