Boity Explains Why She Hasn’t Released New Music In A While


Boity Explains Why She Hasn’t Released New Music In A While! When Boity started her rap career, she went in with two hot singles that topped charts. She finished off the year strong when she featured on Yanga Chief’s Utatakho remix. Then there was silence.

Boity recently premiered her reality show called ‘Own Your Throne’ but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been making new music. If you’ve been wondering what’s stopping the Wuz Dat rapper from dropping new music, Boity recently got candid revealing it was record label issues standing in the way.

Speaking at her reality show’s premier event, Boity addressed the elephant in the room saying she had loads of music ready to be released including some of the tracks she has been teasing over the last few months on social media.

“People are assuming that I am just laid-back and not wanting to release new music. I have so much music. I have been ready for the past six months. Things are taking long, but, you know, everything will be fine eventually and you will get all the music that is ready. It is awesome. I think you guys are going to love it,” Boity was quoted saying.

Let’s just hope this won’t turn into another Emtee case with these record labels.

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