Black Twitter Reacts To Riky Rick’s Apology To Sizwe


Black Twitter Reacts To Riky Rick’s Apology To Sizwe! Today is one of the days that will definitely go down in history as Sizwe Dhlomo is officially hailed fairest of them all in the land of black twitter.

Riky rick is the hot topic on social media as he publicly apologised to Sizwe Dhlomo making him the second hip hop heavy weight rapper to ask for Dhlomo’s forgiveness.

In a two minute video Riky speaks of how sometimes the things he says are misinterpreted and may come across as nasty but he is not here to fight or start war.
Riky claims that he is man enough to see his faults.

Riky also stated that he spoke to Sizwe for about an hour on the phone and things with his role model have now been hashed out.

“I’ve got no bad blood for Siz. But no ill intentions foe Siz, Siz is someone I actually look up to and somebody who has done a lot for the game and has done even more by giving us something to aspire to”

“what I said the other day may have come across as dismissive and diminish what his done and that something I can see and the was something I was not trying to do and for that I can be a man and say brother Siz that wasn’t my intention, I got love for you” he said

Since the video made the rounds on social media, black twitter has been filled with reactions to the video with some saying that this was very out of character for Riky to do and others bashing him for excluding Dhlomo from the hip hop community then all of a sudden referring to him as brother Siz.

Twitter is clearly not impressed at all by Riky’s move.

See the reactions below

By Sinakho Mandla

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