Atjazz – Top 10 Chart March 2020


Atjazz – Top 10 Chart March 2020 is officially featured on Afros Africa March music playlist. All the songs are in the genre of Soulful House. Moreover, the EP is served with ten mp3 songs.

The Top 10 Chart March 2020 presents some quality sound from a recognized record label. Surely the year 2020 is blessed with great music from this legend of Soulful House. Therefore, sit back and enjoy the best music sound from South Africa.

Atjazz – Top 10 Chart March 2020. Atjazz Top 10 Deep House, Soulful House, Progressive House, Broken Beat and Afro House Music Chart for the month of March 2020.


  1. Tomahawk Bang – H O M E
  2. Elliot Hollins – Tootsie
  3. Osunlade, Carlos Mena – The Drums Call You (Casamena Remix)
  4. Kiasmos – Paused (Stimming Remix)
  5. Fka Mash – Lonely Jester (Original Mix)
  6. Sunlightsquare – Oyelo (Atjazz Astro Remix)
  7. RK Fusion – Time Flight (The James L’Estraunge Orchestra Remix)
  8. Fuminori Kagajo, Jaidene Veda, Atjazz – The Blue (Atjazz Vocal Dub)
  9. Coflo – Playground Samba
  10. Craig Smith – Formula Unknown (Peacey’s Dub Box)


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