AKA Responds To Why He Can’t Interview Up & Coming Artists On #TheBraaiShow



AKA Responds To Why He Can’t Interview Up & Coming Artists On #TheBraaiShow. AKA has got the people glued to their TV screen with his captivating talk show The Braai Show, where he has sit down interviews in his own back yard with some of our favourite artists and personalities.

The show has been received well by fans, having racked in impressive numbers with regards to ratings and it seems like season 2 will soon be on the way.

A tweep appealed to AKA asking why the rapper doesn’t feature up and coming talent on his show to help them get their name out in the industry and use the platform as a form of profiling themselves in the industry.

The Mega replied to the tweep claiming that although the idea of pushing underground talent sounds great, it wouldn’t be feasible because of time constraints and because the people signed up to watch him interview industry people that they are already accustomed to.

That would be great if perhaps we had more time on the show. Unfortunately right now all we have is 30mins an episode. So we have to use already established personalities because ultimately people want to watch me interview FAMOUS people” AKA wrote.

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